Meet Eliza

Whilst Otterbeck Distillery may be a new venture, the Cotton Mill in which it resides, set deep in the Yorkshire Dales, is steeped in history.

Acknowledging its heritage and saluting those who laid the foundations of this industrious location it seemed fitting that we name our incredibly engineered copper still, Eliza after the original Mill owner’s wife. Standing tall in her new surroundings, this four-hundred-and-fifty litre work of art will be at the heart of producing our already applauded Cotton Gin. Hand crafted in Germany, the Carl still was several months in the making before being carefully transported over-land to North Yorkshire where it was installed in the old Mill building and commissioned by a Master Distiller ready for its first ever and history making distillation of Cotton Gin. Currently only open to trade clients, later down the line we plan to open our doors to all customers so you too can have the opportunity to meet Eliza in person.